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You don’t need to suffer from humid summers and icy winters whilst inside your own house. Conservatories from Launa Windows are balanced in temperature to keep it a space you want to relax in no matter what the weather is outside. 

Not too hot, not too cold; we use premium materials to give you a conservatory which is just right, whatever the weather. Get the conservatory you’ve always dreamed of – with Launa, you can choose your style, add decorative glass, and decide whether you want a glass, tiled or combination roof. 

These are all options which will influence the look of your conservatory, and make it complement your home and your lifestyle. Whatever you pick, however, you can feel confident that your conservatory will perform exceptionally all year round.

In addition to our own range of conservatories, we are also registered installers of Ultraframe conservatories, which offer a wide range of contemporary conservatory options that provide a seamless transition from your home into your glazed extension. Here are some of their options:


Livinroof brings homeowners a balanced answer to their conservatory roof. They combine sturdy tiled roofing with secure and sleek glass roofing to form a beautiful pattern. Just the right amount of natural light will keep your conservatory liveable whatever the month.


Ultraroof is a contemporary tiled conservatory roof. The tiles are light and thin in comparison to some other roofing on offer while still providing exceptional insulation. Ultraroof has retained a reputation for providing conservatories with some of the strongest material on offer. These roofs are easy to install and can sit over doors and windows frames – all without the need for tie bars.


The sky is your limit with Ultrasky. This roofing is all about giving you unlimited natural light within your conservatory. It is designed with very thin bars and more window space to open up your home’s interior.


Aside from the all-important roofing choice, now you can choose from our varied glazing options! Worried about noise? We have Stadip Silence glass that blocks out unwanted sounds. Or maybe you will benefit with self-cleaning windows that break down dirt to wash off in the rain. We can even manufacture glass that works with the seasons, reflecting away the glare of the summertime and keeping the heat in on icy winter days.

Conservatories are multi-functional spaces which are highly adaptable. At Launa Windows, we like to talk to our customers to fully understand what they wish to achieve and gain from a conservatory installation. If you’re looking for some advice or inspiration, contact us or visit our Exeter showroom today.

Common questions

Is it uPVC or PVCu?

Both are correct. They are acronyms used interchangeably to mean the same thing – unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. Originally, uPVC was the term used to refer to the ultra-strong plastic material and remains in predominant use around the UK. However, during the 80s, it was officially changed to PVCu in accordance with the European noun-adjective (PVC, U) order.  The material is exactly the same and brings you the same unfaltering durability for your home.

Is it worth having a conservatory?

Conservatories are brilliant for those who crave extra space but want an option that is as hassle-free as possible. You won’t need planning permission for a conservatory, meaning you can save precious money and time. The space is very versatile and serves multiple purposes for whatever you need. If you have been dreaming of a new escape where you can read a book or admire the outdoors whilst staying warm, conservatories are a very easy solution.

Alternatively, you can convert your conservatory space into a safe haven for your children. Store their favourite toys in your conservatory and give them a vibrantly-lit place to play, even when it is raining! As for our hospitable homeowners, you can show off your brand-new conservatory with a spacious dinner party. Just put some furniture into it and you’ve got yourself another dining area. Whatever you choose, our conservatories will help give you more space and options in your everyday life.

Are conservatories cheaper than extensions?

Extensions involve a variety of different materials and therefore take much longer to construct. Conservatories are cheaper as they don’t require as many, consisting mostly of uPVC or aluminium to make the frame and glass for the windows. The majority of the conservatory will be designed within our factory. This means that by the time comes to install it into your home, it won’t take long to secure it into place. If you want a high-performance extension in a fairly fast time frame, conservatories will suit your needs perfectly. Contact us for a free quote on your conservatory.

Do you need planning permission for a conservatory?

In most instances, conservatories don’t require any planning permission. This is because they fall under what is called “permitted development”. Conservatories are allowed as long as they don’t exceed the expected size. As a template, we suggest keeping your conservatory roof lower than your existing roof and making sure the conservatory doesn’t extend too far out into the garden. This way, you will avoid the hassle of planning permission. Our CERTASS approval keeps our products suitable for most properties, however. Please contact us for further information on planning permission, where we can help you with your conservatory plans.

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