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Window cleaning myths debunked


Let me walk you through a scenario; you’ve just spent half an hour on your hands and knees scrubbing every window inside and out, front and back of the house, you finally sit down and put your feet up and watch your windows dry looking little better than when you started.

But now with more streaks.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, but let us do the hard work this time and tell you how to make your windows shine their brightest and stay that way. If your windows are past their prime, consider checking out our diverse range of windows to suit any home.

Window cleaning myths debunked

Polish your windows with newspaper

Back in the good old days this was good advice. But nowadays the papers are printed on cheaper and thinner material, which means they handle getting wet a lot worse. They’ll most likely tear and leave you with a lump of damp mess in your hands. 

The thinner paper also means that the ink can run when wet, leading to stains on your glass. It’s best to avoid using newspaper completely — a regular cleaning cloth made of something such as microfibre will serve you far better.


Dirty windows aren’t a problem

Some people may tell you that dirty windows are not a problem and “not to bother” because the dirty is hardly visible. Whilst making the effort to clean windows is a personal choice, it can’t be ignored that dirty windows do stand out from a distance and have a drastic effect on the outside appearance of your home.

Maybe you aren’t concerned with what other people think about “something as small as dirty windows”, but it isn’t just other people who see your windows. The person spending the most time looking through them is you, and you deserve better than to see your views through a layer of dirt.

The difference that natural lighting can make to the mood of a room is not to be understated. And if all it takes to make that change is a few minutes removing grime from the outside of your window, then it’s a worthwhile investment.

Clean your windows

Water and vinegar is all you need

A traditional household remedy, water and vinegar has been a staple of domestic window cleaning for generations. As it’s cheap and often surprisingly effective it’s not hard to see why. 

However if you look closely you will find that a water vinegar mixture actually only moves dirt around on the pane rather than removing it completely from the glass, which over time will leave you with dirt piling up in the corners. 

For those on a budget, try mixing in a few drops of washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water. That should provide that bit of extra “oomph” to get the job done. This little boost will make your window cleaning kit highly effective. 

Of course, modern window cleaning solutions contain chemicals with useful dirt-removing properties. So if you don’t mind spending a little extra cash, you can save time by buying a decent one of these.

Hot water cleans windows better

This is half true. Warm water is better than cold because it helps speed up the chemical reactions that break down dirt.

Still, as the water gets hotter it evaporates at a faster rate, which gives the cleaning agent less time to get its job done. Using water that is comfortably warm to the touch will do the job just fine.

Rain makes windows dirty

This myth is completely false. Unless you live in an area with heavy air pollution, rain water is the purest and cleanest form of water found in nature. 

The idea that it makes windows dirty comes from rainfall highlighting pre-existing dirt, making it more visible. Keep in mind that rain can lead to more dirt on your windows if it reaches the ground, becomes mud, and splashes back on your windows.

Clean your windows on a hot day

Some people will recommend that you clean your windows on a hot day, because it helps the water dry faster. More importantly, it’s nice weather to be outside in and much preferable to getting chilly by standing around on a cold day. 

Unfortunately, the heat from the sun affects the glass even more than it does us. Glass is a great conductor so when the sun is hot, so is the glass. This means that the water and cleaning solutions will evaporate much faster than on a cloudy day. This is the main cause of streaks, which you will no doubt need to spend a lot more time trying to remove. 

Your best bet is a warm but cloudy day.

How much does a window cleaner cost?

Like with many jobs around the house, it can be cheaper to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. And for those of us living in single story houses this is definitely a reasonable option. 

When it comes to cleaning over multiple stories or even roof windows, it’s best to leave it to professionals who have the best in both cleaning and safety equipment. You’ll usually end up paying between £25 – £60 for a standard terraced house. This can vary depending on your windows and the size of your home, as well as if you have a conservatory that needs a clean!

Self-cleaning windows

This is our (admittedly biased) personal favourite type of window cleaning because it requires literally no effort. Some modern glass has self-cleaning film built in. 

Frequent rain stops the small amounts of dirt building up over time to become a visible mess. A set of high quality self cleaning windows will take care of all but the most serious dirt by themselves for years to come, making them ideal for hard to reach areas such as conservatory roofs or skylights. Interested? Just contact us today and we can explain them to you in more depth.

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Hopefully you found this guide useful and you’re ready to get the most out of your windows! If cleaning won’t quite cut it for your old frames, you can always get in touch with us for help repairing or replacing your old windows.

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